Rhodes Scholarship in UK by Rhodes Trust (Oxford University)

Good news! Are you ready to pursue your studies in the UK? Applications for the Rhodes Scholarship program for 2024-25 are about to open in June 2024. Get a detailed study in this article to know more about the fully funded Rhodes Scholarship program in the UK and grab the opportunity to study at Oxford University, one of the prestige institutions in the UK and Europe.

What is the Rhodes Scholarship?

The University of Oxford is awarding the Rhodes Scholarship for exceptionally well and all-round students, which was established in 1902, in the will of Cecil Rhodes. It is the most prestigious and perhaps the oldest international scholarship program, whose host institution is the University of Oxford located in the United Kingdom (UK). Rhodes due to subject-limited restrictions offers its applicants a full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford. Annually around 95 to 100 scholars are selected from worldwide out of 65 countries.

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Summary of the Rhodes Scholarship in the UK

Host Country

  • The UK


  • The Oxford University

Scholarship By

  • The Rhodes Trust

Program Areas

  • Master’s and PhD.

Scholarship Type

  • Fully Funded

What is the duration/ stipend/ inclusions for the Rhodes Scholarship?

The tenure of the Rhodes Scholarship program is two years concerning satisfactory academic performance as well as personal conduct. As far as the stipend is concerned, it covers University and College tuition fees with a living stipend of around (£17,310 per annum as of 2021-22); visa, health insurance, settling in allowance, two economy class flights (to and from the UK for the beginning and the ending of studies in University of Oxford).

Eligibility criteria for Rhodes Scholarship

The applicants must keep in mind the eligibility criteria given below in bullets, to apply for the Rhodes program:

1. Residency & Citizenship

To apply for the program, the students/ applicants must understand the Rhodes residency requirements for which they are applying.

2. Education

The academic standings must have been achieved by the applicant to apply for the Rhodes Scholars program, or the bachelor’s degree must have been completed by October. In addition to that the academic standings must be sufficiently high from a recognized institute to ensure admission, as Oxford University has very competitive entry requirements and has high academic standards. It is pertinent to mention here that some constituencies need an undergraduate degree/ program to have an applicant within the constituency.

Please click on the link to learn more about the country-specific eligibility requirements.

3. Age

As per the requirements, on 1st October 2022, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 25 years i.e., the applicant must have been born between 1 October 1997 and 1st October 2005.

4. Language

The required official language for the said program is English.

Degree Programs Offered for Rhodes Scholarship

The scholarships are offered to pursue Master’s & Ph.D. degrees. Rhodes Scholarships offers programs of up to 1000 different courses per year. Oxford University is top-ranked for its quality of research and excellence in the world.

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Procedure to Apply for Rhodes Scholarship?

The applicants are requested to follow the step-by-step procedure below on the official website to apply for the scholarship program online.


Please note that, as per the information given on the official website of Rhodes Trust, the applications open in June 2024. Visit the Official Website by clicking on the link given above for detailed information regarding the scholarship program.