How to Become a Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford?

To become a Rhodes Scholar, the applicant must exhibit leadership, academic excellence, and commitment to service. Thousands of applications are submitted each year to pursue the Rhodes Scholarship with its reputation. For an applicant becoming a Rhodes Scholar is next to winning the lottery, which just not requires only academic excellence but also the applicant must exhibit character qualities ranging from kindliness courage, and commitment.


The Beauty of Rhodes Scholarship Applicants?

The applicant comes here with their backgrounds including culture, ethnicity, caste, crude, and different norms that the other applicant doesn’t know. There is a well saying that every person has a world outside of their own. But once you get there, you see yourself as a part of the institution despite the differences, the applicant possesses.

Coverages of Rhodes Scholarship

Oxford is kind enough to support Rhodes Scholars in the most befitting way possible even though the applicants all around the globe with different norms. As per the record each year 32 students are selected from the United States through a tough application and interview process. The Rhodes Scholarship is kind enough to cover the tuition fees of shortlisted candidates, accommodation, living expenses, and flights to and from the United Kingdom (UK).  In addition to that fees for health care for two years are also covered in this prestigious program. To cover the expenses an amount of $250,000 is spent on each scholar by Rhodes Trust.


Who Manages the Rhodes Scholarship?

Rhodes Scholarship is managed by Rhodes Trust, which is a British Charity created to fulfill the wish of Cecil Rhodes (he was a British businessman and a politician), who was kind enough to establish the scholarship of his own will. Rhodes Scholarship was first introduced at the University of Oxford in 1903, making it the oldest international Scholarship program. The students must see it as more than just a springboard. If you are looking for a prestige Rhodes Scholarship, then you must have concrete ideas and must deserve it, instead of just wasting the Rhodes Scholar selection committee’s precious time.

The Scholarship has managed to sustain its quality in terms of academic and personal interaction of students over time since its existence including public service and leadership qualities. In recent years, the students have shown tremendous change in their behavior even though each student has a different institution and background. Though the process during the initial period of student stays at the University of Oxford has been challenging for them, with time, all react as a team which is the beauty of this prestige Rhodes scholarship program. It brings students from all over the globe and builds leadership qualities with academic excellence.


The Beauty of Rhodes Scholar

It is pertinent to mention here that none of the individuals is given preference like most of the current United States (US) scholars represent minority groups, and the ratio of female scholars is way higher than the male and that’s the beauty. Given the above, if you are competent and willing to hunt for the Rhodes Scholarship and your dream is to study at the University of Oxford, then it is next to your door, what you need to do is follow the procedure laid down by the Rhodes Trust to hunt the program. Wish you all the best and all success in the future.

Apply to Become a Rhodes Scholar

If you want to know more about How to Apply for the Rhodes Scholarship, click on the link given below to know more about it. As per the information given on the Rhodes Scholarship official website, the scholarships will be open from June 2024.