Bonn SDG Fellowship 2025 in Germany | 2-12 Months Program

Are you ready to get practical learning in Germany? Bonn SDG Fellowship 2025 in Germany invites individual researchers from Latin America, South Asia, East Asia, and Africa to research topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Professors from the University of Bonn select and invite international doctoral students for a joint research project through this global fellowship program. Working with a research professor, researchers teach and help students complete a research project over a semester or two.

Germany’s significant opportunity to gain practical experience through the funded Research Grant 2025 aims to help smart researchers and strengthen their networks. The University of Bonn collaborates with several African, Latin American, and Asian research institutes and universities. However, discussing achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is easier said than done as a project, as it has presented major challenges to countries on many continents. This is the most attractive feature of this international grant in Europe which includes several benefits in the form of a travel allowance, monthly stipend, research grant, spousal allowance, and child allowance.

The University of Bonn SDG Scholarship requires you to fill out the online application form immediately. You must submit a pdf document detailing the project and its phases. You should write your research proposal in understandable language. In addition, you must provide the reasons for participating in the grant, the main features of the Bonn University project, how you participated in the research, and how the Bonn University grant will enrich your experience in Europe. You should also provide an overview of your previous experience working with a mentor.

The strong faculties, research centers, and academic units of the University of Bonn organize international grants. The university is recognized for its traditional and strong research profile, so it is the best opportunity for researchers to pave the way to success. Based on the promotion of gender equality, the University of Bonn is considered an equal employer for all. The responsible researcher must approve the ethical aspects of your work to explain them in the research project.

Bonn SDG Fellowships 2025 in Germany

Host Country

  • Germany

Host University

  • University of Bonn

Duration of Funding:

  • From 3 to 12 months

Level of Fellowship

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship

Application Deadline

  • 30th April 2024

Eligibility Criteria of the Bonn SDG Fellowship

  • Post-Doctoral students can apply.
  • A professor at the University of Bonn must make a choice.
  • The candidate must have a long-term relationship with the research institute or be involved in the university’s research work.
  • Competence in an area of ​​interest related to sustainability goals must be demonstrated.



  • The price is covered.
  • An amount of 3000 euros per month is granted.
  • Financing of spouses up to 300 euros.
  • Funding for children up to 250 euros per child.
  • Research grants up to 500 euros per month.


Documents Required for the Bonn SDG Fellowship 2025

  • Application form.
  • Fellow’s CV.
  • Project description in pdf.
  • Financing plan.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the fellowship program is 30th April 2024.


Official Website of the Bonn SDG Fellowship

For further information regarding the fellowship program, please visit the link given below:

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