Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-2026 (Fully Funded)

The Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-26 is a fully-funded fellowship for international participants who are peace advocates and work for development. The Rotary Fellowship is awarded each year to up to 90 individuals who exhibit extraordinary leadership qualities. These Rotary awards for international students serve as a seal that the student’s work is a depiction of dedicated leaders and they can bring valuable change by becoming effective leaders for peace. In this fully-funded fellowship program, the students are equipped with the best possible methods and techniques to become influential ambassadors of peace and to become highly effective professionals.

The Rotary Peace Fellowships Program is designed to bring together future change leaders from around the world and provide them with enhanced global networking opportunities. To fulfill its mission, Rotary Peace Centers has trained more than 1,500 fellow members from around the world. Since 2022, the aid program has succeeded in achieving the set goals of developing the capacity of peace and development leaders. However, the Rotary Foundation itself has been bringing peaceful change to the world since 1917.

What is interesting about the Rotary Foundation Fellowship Awards is that they are divided into two categories so that the most deserving and deserving candidates can be considered without a doubt. One is the Rotary Scholarship for Graduate Students and the other is the Rotary Scholarship for Professional Development Certificate Program. Both shows continue to focus on peace and development issues. Accepted students receive training from the world’s best research-informed teachers. In addition, students become part of a diverse learning community through alumni networks. Professionals participating in the Rotary Peace Program also work alongside world-class professionals and learn practical skills in this one-year blended program.

The focus of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program is to bring about change at the grassroots level. At the Rotary Foundation, peace is not just a concept but is seen as an essential part of life and a cornerstone of human development. A fully funded international scholarship has been offered to achieve the desired result, and through this program, participants are introduced to paths of action that have the potential to make a mark in the world. It is also appreciated that if people could work peacefully at the local level, it would have a ripple effect at the international level.

Summary of Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-2026

Sponsored by

  • Rotary International

Host Countries

  • England
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Sweden

Level of Programs

  • Master’s Degree Program
  • The Professional Development Program (Certified)

Rotary Peace Scholarships Duration

  • Master’s Degree Fellowship: 15 to 24 months
  • Professional Development Certificate Program: 01 Year

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Rotary Peace Centers

For Master’s Program located at

  • University of Bradford, Bradford, England
  • The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Duke University & the University of North Carolina, USA

The Certificate Program Located at

  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
  • Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Rotary Peace Fellowship Distributions

  • Masters Fellowships: 50
  • Certified Fellowships: 80

Components of the Rotary Fellowship Program

  • Academic Training
  • Networking
  • Applied Field Experience
  • Final Seminar
  • Workshop Series


Benefits of the Peace Rotary Fellowship Program 2025-26

  • Tuition is reimbursed.
  • Room and board
  • Round trip transportation
  • All internship costs are paid.
  • Field research costs are reimbursed.
  • Health insurance is reimbursed.

Eligibility Criteria of the Peace Rotary Fellowship Program

  • The candidate must have English language skills.
  • The applicant must have exceptional experience in construction projects.
  • Applicants must be able to present their academic achievements as well as a CV of personal or community service.
  • Students applying for master’s studies must have completed undergraduate studies. Master’s students must have at least three years of relevant experience from their last degree to the start of the fellowship program.
  • Applicants currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs are not eligible.
  • Applicants to the Certificate program must have met all of the above requirements, but five years of experience is required for these applicants.
  • Certificate applicants must be able to explain their plan of action.
  • Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants who participated in a certificate program or a global scholarship must have a gap of three years before applying for a master’s degree under this scholarship.
  • Active Rotary members, officers of Rotary clubs, Rotary International, or other Rotary entities are not eligible.


How to Apply for the Fellowship Program

  • Applicants must submit their application to the Rotary Foundation online.
  • Submit all relevant documents.
  • Submit your approval online from the Peers Subcommittee by July. Confirmation of approval and receipt of the request is received.
  • For more information, visit the official website link given below.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the Rotary Peace Fellowship program is 15th May 2024.

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