Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024 | Fully Funded

Study abroad if you want to pursue further education. If so, the good thing is that the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships Program is open right now. In this article, we will go into detail regarding the scholarship, its advantages, and a step-by-step process/guide to apply for it.

International students can apply for the fully funded Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2024-2025 program to pursue a Master’s degree. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition, living expenses, round-trip airfare, arrival expenses, and a research award.

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students who are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities. It opens doors to new experiences, expands perspectives, and fosters the development of lifelong connections with people throughout the world.

The QECS does not impose any application fees. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars contribute to problem-solving and constructive transformation. There are several academic fields to choose from. Commonwealth nations with low and middle incomes will get the scholarship. The Commonwealth countries’ citizens are qualified to apply for this scholarship.

Only those named on the website are the QECS awards’ current hosts. A nation or university is not a host for the current cycle of awards if it is not listed on the website. This could sometimes be because of when the application round is held. For instance, certain universities have their academic year begin in January or February; as a result, they would be considered for the second round of awards. For further information on the universities and nations that will be part of the second application round, please keep a watch on the website.

Summary of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

Level of Study: Masters

Program Period: 2 years

Host Countries: Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh, Ghana, Eswatini, Malaysia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Rwanda

Application Deadline: 10th January 2024 at 16:00 UTC

Scholarship Coverages

The winner of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship receives the following advantages:

  • There will be a complete remission of the tuition cost.
  • There will be living costs provided to a scholar.
  • There will be return tickets available.
  • There will also be an allowance for late arrivals.
  • There will be a research grant available.


Host Universities

Following is the list of Universities that host the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Program:

  • University of Eswatini
  • University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Technical University of Kenya
  • The University of the West Indies
  • University of Nairobi
  • University of Malaya
  • University Putra Malaysia
  • COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan
  • University of Mauritius
  • The State University of Zanzibar
  • University of Rwanda

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP), candidates need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Language Requirements: Verify with the University.
  • Citizens of commonwealth countries are eligible.
  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite.
  • The maximum age is not specified.
  • The fact that an applicant will be studying in a nation with a lower or moderate income must be disclosed to them.


How to Apply

Kindly go to the official website URL provided at the conclusion. But before you can apply for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship, remember these crucial steps:

  • Only universities included in the list on the official website are open to applications.
  • Any host university in the UK, Canada, or Australia will not entertain the participant.
  • Every year, there are two application cycles; a candidate must research the nation or university to ascertain which cycle he should apply in.
  • An applicant may submit applications to many colleges or nations.
  • Once the aforementioned information has been acknowledged, a candidate may apply online at the official website by providing the necessary paperwork and accurate information.

Official Website of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarships

Please visit the official website to learn more about the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship 2024/25 program to know more.


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