IRENA Youth Forum 2024 UAE, Abu Dhabi

The (International Renewable Energy Agency) IRENA Youth Forum 2024 presents an excellent chance for young individuals to establish a meaningful connection with IRENA professionals, policymakers, and esteemed global academics. It helps as a platform for international youth to be involved in IRENA’s mission of promoting sustainable energy development, to combat climate change. Participation in the IRENA Youth Forum enables young people to become valuable assets to their nations by contributing considerably to long-term energy planning by focusing on renewable sources.

The IRENA Young Leaders forum will cover various sessions including exhibitions and shared discussions, designed for international young supporters deeply passionate about exploring energy transformation and conservation methods. The workshops within the forum aim to educate and empower young individuals by providing knowledge on energy switches through cutting-edge technologies. The IRENA strives hard to ensure equal access for the youth worldwide to actively participate in the event.

This fully funded opportunity extends to 35 young participants globally, offering an unprecedented experience where they will engage with energy experts, receiving guidance and support for their projects. Driven young minds will have the chance to formulate impactful policies that benefit society on multiple fronts. The forum seeks to cultivate a comprehensive understanding among young energy enthusiasts, highlighting the manifold advantages of energy transition beyond mere conservation efforts.

Summary of the IRENA Youth Forum UAE

Host Country: UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Location: Abu Dhabi

Youth Forum Date: April 16, 2024

About 2022 IRENA Youth Forum UAE

The 2022 IRENA Youth Forum centered around the theme “Youth-led Solutions for Accelerating the Energy Transition and Achieving Climate Goals.” Emphasizing the pivotal role of young individuals, the forum spotlighted their capacity to identify and foster solutions that drive the transition toward renewable energy. It aimed to reach climate objectives and meet various sustainable development goals. The event facilitated connections between young participants, global thought leaders, government officials, and IRENA experts. This collaboration helped pinpoint critical areas where youth involvement and contributions are crucial for advancing the global energy transition.

During the sidelines of the 12th session of the IRENA Assembly in January, more than 400 young leaders worldwide united virtually at the 2022 IRENA Youth Forum. They collectively urged organizations, governments, the private sector, academia, and civil society to take immediate action, stressing the importance of youth leadership in steering the energy transition.

Through active engagement, youth representatives formulated a document presented at the IRENA Assembly. This document encapsulated valuable feedback, insights, and actionable steps suggested by youth participants to propel the energy transition forward through innovative solutions.


IRENA Project Facilitations

Project facilitation endeavors aid in the implementation of renewable energy projects by assisting developers in securing financing more effectively. These activities also provide support to investors and lenders, enabling them to construct more robust project portfolios.

1. (ETAF) Energy Transition Accelerator Financing Platform

ETAF stands as an all-encompassing, multi-participant climate finance platform. It aims to facilitate the mobilization of capital, thereby amplifying the growth of renewable energy projects to propel the energy transition within developing markets.

2. (CIP) Climate Investment Platform

A collaborative effort to boost capital mobilization and investment in renewable energy within developing nations. IRENA concentrates on providing technical support to projects, ensuring they attain the necessary readiness for commercial feasibility, thereby enabling matchmaking with financial institutions or partners.

3. Renewable potential assessment

The goal of the Renewable Potential Assessment is to equip countries with essential data, online resources, and technical analysis at the national level. This facilitates the identification and exploration of opportunities for deploying renewable energy projects.


Benefits of IRENA Youth Forum

  • Fully sponsored opportunity available for a maximum of 35 participants.
  • Coverage of travel expenses.
  • Provision of accommodation for selected participants.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the IRENA Youth Forum 2024, the applicant must consider the following eligibility criteria.

  • Age eligibility ranges from 16 to 35 years.
  • Possession of a valid passport is mandatory.
  • Readiness to travel on the specified event date is required.
  • Specify an ongoing project linked to sustainable energy development.
  • Compose a statement outlining your anticipated outcomes from this global youth forum.

Documents Required

  • The Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the candidate must be attached along with the application.
  • The format of the CV must be in PDF.

Application Deadline

Interested candidates are requested to apply for the IRENA Youth Forum UAE, 2024 latest by 31st January 2024. Late application submissions will not be entertained.

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