University of Otago Scholarships 2024/25 (Fully Funded)

The University of Otago Scholarships application process is crucial since obtaining a higher education in New Zealand is a bit expensive. For a student who successfully obtains a fully funded New Zealand scholarship, all educational expenses will be covered by the scholarship awarding organization, making it easier for the student to focus on their studies in the future.

With significant financial assistance for tuition, housing, and other living expenses, the University of Otago scholarships 2024 help native and foreign students afford high-quality education. They also provide students a chance to relieve some of the financial strain, which frees them up to concentrate more on their academic and personal growth while in college.

University of Otago Scholarships Cost?

Depending on the degree and lifestyle, the cost of attending the University of Otago without a scholarship varies, as a basic guide:

Annual expenses for domestic students are:

  • Tuition: NZ$22,600 to NZ$37,960.
  • Course materials: NZ$500 to NZ$1,000.
  • Student Services Fee: NZ$1,076.
  • Food: NZ$5,000 to NZ$7,000.
  • Accommodation: NZ$10,000 to NZ$15,000.
  • Other expenses like transport: NZ$5,000 to NZ$7,000.

International Students are expecting to pay:

  • Tuition: NZ$30,000 to NZ$45,000.
  • The same additional costs are those of domestic students.


Courses Offered

Go to the “Subjects and Papers” section of the University of Otago’s admissions website to learn more about the available courses. You may access a detailed list of courses offered by the University of Otago in a variety of disciplines, including the Arts, Music, Commerce, Science, and more, by clicking on this link.

The pages for each subject provide comprehensive facts on the program, such as prerequisites, course descriptions, employment opportunities, and contact information for any more questions. Use the “Find a Program tool to further refine your selections for undergraduate programs according to your interests, degree of qualification, and preferred style of study.


University of Otago Scholarships

International students can apply for many scholarships at various study levels from the University of Otago. An extensive guide to these options may be found here:

1. University of Otago Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Eligibility: New international students are eligible to enroll in a full-time, year-long undergraduate program.

Value: The tuition fee is NZD 10,000.

Eligibility: New students, including those from abroad, are eligible to enroll in full-time undergraduate programs.

Particular Attention: For students completing foundation courses that are similar to Years 12 and 13 in New Zealand schools.

2. University of Otago Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Eligibility: New international postgraduate students are eligible (either on-campus or via distance study).

Value of tuition fees: NZD 10,000.

Eligibility: International students enrolled in a Master’s degree focused on research are eligible.

Value: A partial tuition fee remission in addition to a stipend of NZD$17,172 per year.

Eligibility: Students from both local and foreign countries are eligible for coursework in Master’s programs.

Value: Value of tuition fees: NZD 10,000.

3. Doctorate (PH.D.) Scholarships at Otago University New Zealand

Eligibility: Students from both local and foreign countries who are enrolled in doctoral programs are eligible.

Value: An annual stipend of NZ$30,696 and a 36-month remission of domestic tuition expenses.

Eligibility: Students from both local and foreign countries are eligible for route diplomas or certificates in foundation studies.

Value: Starting at NZD 5,000 for tuition.

4. Unique Scholarships

Available for full-time undergraduate and graduate studies to qualifying nationals of developing nations. For qualifying students from impoverished nations, the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships provide substantial benefits, including complete funding for tuition, living expenses, and travel. Through the provision of top-notch education at New Zealand universities such as the University of Otago, these Government of NZ scholarships promote academic excellence and cross-cultural learning.

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