UNICAF Scholarship 2024/25 | Step-by-Step Application Process

The UNICAF Scholarship Program aims to offer gifted and underprivileged students an opportunity to further their education by earning internationally recognized qualifications through Scholarships, at low cost, and through online study of all partnership programs or blended learning through the blended mode available for the Unicaf University programs. The degree programs covered under the UNICAF Scholarship program are Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D programs.

Unicaf works with universities in the UK, USA, Europe, and Africa to offer online degrees and quality education as well as research. The purpose of the scholarship is to benefit thousands of students from around the world. Applicants of any nationality may apply.

It is the best opportunity for everyone to study online with the UNICAF under Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. Degree programs. Every year, it offers many scholarships for international students who want to continue their studies with international researchers. We have invited you to apply for the UNICAF Scholarship Program.

Portfolio of UNICAF University

Headquartered in London Europe, the company is expanding into Africa through a growing network of campuses and learning centers to enable blended and open learning opportunities. Unicaf currently has a physical presence in 12 countries and plans to expand to five more countries over the next two years. Through its partner universities, Unicaf offers Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs in partnership with universities in the UK, the US, and Africa. Current partnerships include Liverpool John Moores University (UK), University of East London (UK), University of Suffolk (UK), and Unicaf University, a Pan-African university in the UK and local accreditation. In addition to full online study, Unicaf offers a range of academic programs across its campus network through Unicaf University. In addition to online and full-time studies, Unicaf offers a wide range of professional short courses. Unicaf has developed a scholarship program that has awarded over $100 million in scholarships, enabling thousands of qualified students to earn internationally recognized degrees and make positive life changes at a fraction of the cost. We work closely with our partner universities to develop services and solutions for clients that include market strategy and research; marketing and registration; program engineering, design, and conversion; and institution-wide support covering the entire study tour. Our comprehensive cloud-based digital platform with tightly integrated technologies and services provides the digital infrastructure universities need to recruit, host, teach, and support students at scale. Unicaf uses the latest technologies and innovative tools to increase the effectiveness of teaching methods and enhance the student learning experience. A digital platform is essentially an integrated ecosystem of technology, people, and data. Unicaf’s state-of-the-art digital platform offers various services from a student’s click on an ad to completion.

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Unicaf’s partnerships with renowned academic institutions in the UK, USA, and Africa bring together the resources and capabilities of these organizations to deliver innovative learning solutions. The partner universities’ top degree programs are delivered exclusively online through Unicaf’s state-of-the-art virtual learning environment or a combination of online delivery and regular face-to-face teaching at Unicaf’s campuses and learning centers.

By applying through Unicaf to study at renowned universities for internationally recognized degrees, students develop specialized skills that can help them advance professionally in an international environment.

Unicaf and its partner institutions are registered and approved by several jurisdictions in countries around the world. All study programs offered by Unicaf and awarded by its partner universities are internationally recognized.

Unicaf University of Zambia and Unicaf University of Malawi are now proudly listed on the International Association of Universities (IAU) WHED (World Higher Education Database) portal. All universities in this portal are officially accredited or recognized higher education institutions.

In partnership with UNESCO, the portal serves as a unique online reference tool that provides authoritative information on Recognized Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) worldwide, systems, and credentials. Since its founding in 1950, the IAU has made mapping the higher education landscape one of its central tasks.

This is another major milestone for Unicaf University, adding even more value to its credibility as a leading provider of quality online higher education.


Eligibility Criteria

Unicaf considers scholarship candidates based on the following:

Academic Qualification

  • Applicants should meet the entry requirements of the relevant study program.

Financial capabilities

  • Applicants should be able to pay the remaining part of the fees after applying for the scholarship.

Country of permanent residence

  • Depending on the student’s country of residence, different scholarships apply.

Partnered Universities with UNICAF Scholarship Program

  • UNICAF Scholarship Program partnered universities in the UK, US, Europe, & Africa are mentioned below:
  • The University of East London
  • The University of Suffolk, England
  • Liverpool John Moores University England
  • University of California Riverside Extension USA
  • The University of Zambia
  • The University of Rwanda
  • UNICAF University Larnaca, Cyprus


Courses Available

The University of East London

  • MBA*
  • LLM (General)*

Liverpool John Moores University England

  • MA in Mass Communications
  • MA in Education*
  • MA in International Relations*
  • MA in Leadership in Education
  • MSc in International Public Health*
  • MSc in Psychology*
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)*

The University Of Suffolk England

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • MSc Public Health

UNICAF University (Larnaca, Cyprus)

Doctoral Programs

  • Doctorate of Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  • Doctorate of Education (DBA)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • UNICAF University (French Language)

Masters Programs

  • MBA- Master’s in business administration
  • MA in Educational Leadership and Management
  • Master’s in Education
  • MSc Managerial Psychology
  • Master of Art in English Lang and Literature
  • MSc Healthcare Management
  • MSc Web Design and Development
  • MBA in Health Management
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Oil, Gas, and Energy Management
  • Management
  • MBA Management Information Systems
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration
  • LLM – Master of Laws

Bachelor Programs

  • BSc in Accounting
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • BA in Economics and Business
  • BA English Language and Literature
  • BSc supply chain Management and Logistics
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • LLB Bachelor of Laws


Benefits of the UNICAF Scholarship

Low Cost:

  • Through the UNICAF Scholarship program students pay a small amount of fee.

Easy Access:

  • Online courses have 24/7 access.

Easy Registration:

  • The registration process for the Scholarship Program is so simple. Upon Applying you will get an update on your being selection and then you may start your studies.


  • You can get an internationally recognized Bachelor’s/ Master’s and Ph.D. degree from UNICAF partner universities located in the UK, Europe, the US, and Africa.

How to apply for the UNICAF Scholarship?

Interested candidates are requested to apply online for the UNICAF Scholarship program by clicking on the link given below. Kindly note that each UNICAF-partnered university has its application deadline.