The Rotary Peace Fellowship Programme 2025 (Fully Funded)

A fully financed fellowship is available through the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program to international participants who are genuine proponents of peace and who also endeavor to advance it. Up to 130 people who demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities receive the Rotary scholarship annually. These Rotary honors for overseas students serve as a testament to the student’s commitment to leadership and their potential to impact positive change by acting as powerful peacemakers. The students in this fully funded scholarship are given the greatest tools and training to help them become powerful peace ambassadors and highly successful professionals.

The most knowledgeable teachers in the world regarding research train the accepted students. Furthermore, students join a broad learning community through networking with alumni. Similarly, the professionals who join this Rotary Peace program collaborate with top-tier experts and gain useful skills through this one-year blended program.

The Rotary Peace Fellowship program aims to bring about change at the grassroots level. The Rotary Foundation views peace as a fundamental aspect of life and a cornerstone of human advancement rather than just a theoretical idea. The fully funded foreign fellowship opportunity has been made available to achieve the desired results, and participants in this program are introduced to the avenues of action that can potentially leave a lasting impression on the globe. Additionally, it is taken into account that if people can coexist peacefully locally, this will have repercussions on a global scale. In addition, Rotary Peace Centre alumni operate in nearly every productive sector, including NGOs, the media, research organizations, education, governmental organizations, law enforcement and military organizations, international organizations, and the arts. In conclusion, the Rotary Peace Fellowship is a platform that has produced the following generation of peacebuilders and paved their path to chances for peace and development.

Summary of the Rotary Peace Fellowship 2025

Degree Programs

  • Masters (15 to 24 Months Program)
  • Professional Certificate Program (1 Year)

Scholarship Type:

  • Fully Funded

Country Hosted by:

  • Australia
  • England
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Sweden

Centers offering certification at

  • Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University in Thailand
  • University of Makerere, Kampala, Uganda


Eligibility Criteria

  1. English proficiency is a must for the candidates.
  2. Candidates need to have an outstanding track record in construction projects.
  3. The candidates must be able to demonstrate both their academic success and their history of volunteerism.
  4. Students pursuing a master’s degree must already have a bachelor’s degree.
  5. From the date of their most recent degree to the start of the fellowship program, master’s students must have at least three years of relevant experience.
  6. Candidates engaged in undergraduate or graduate degree programs at the time of application are ineligible.
  7. Candidates who are applying for the certificate program must meet all of the aforementioned requirements, but they also need to have five years of experience.
  8. Candidates for the certificate must be able to describe their strategy.
  9. Applications from candidates with disabilities are encouraged.
  10. Candidates must wait three years before applying for a master’s degree under this fellowship if they have previously taken a certificate program or received a global award scholarship.
  11. Employees of Rotary Clubs, Rotary International, and other Rotary-affiliated organizations are also ineligible.


Scholarship Benefits

  1. The cost of tuition will be covered.
  2. Meals and lodging
  3. Conveyance on a round-trip basis
  4. The costs of the internship will all be covered.
  5. The costs of the field study will be covered.
  6. Health care insurance will be paid for.


Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Rotary Peace Fellowship is May 15, 2024. Visit the official website via the link given below for further information and to apply.

How To Apply for Rotary Peace Fellowship 2025

  • The Rotary Foundation must receive the applicants’ online applications.
  • Please submit the necessary documentation.
  • Till July 1st, submit your online recommendation from the fellowship subcommittee.
  • The receipt of the endorsement and application will be confirmed by email.